Spiritual Gifts Survey_Shorter Version

This is an online (unauthorized) version of David Ewart’s Spirit Given Gifts Survey

In the PDF of the Survey he offers this advice for making selections:

The best way to complete the questionnaire is to read each question and decide which of the four options applies to you:

  • Never/Rarely True: This statement does not apply to me; I almost never agree with it; it is almost never true of me.
  • Sometimes True: This statement sometimes applies to me; I sometimes agree with it; it is sometimes true of me.
  • Often True: This statement often applies to me; I often agree with it; it is often true of me.
  • Always/Frequently True: This statement does apply to me; I almost always agree with it; it is almost always true of me.

The survey results will give you scores for each of the 22 gifts David’s questionnaire explores. It is helpful to pay attention to both the highest and lowest scoring gifts. Read more about each of these gifts on Spirit Given Gifts.


1.I enjoy working in the background to support others who are leading and organizing

1 out of 20