What are you trying to do?

There is no progressive, inclusive, contemporary church in Cleveland – United Methodist or otherwise. We are seeking to fill that gap with experimental and experiential worship gatherings.

We are focused on drawing together those interested in seeking inclusive, non-traditional worship experiences, as well as those in search of communities where they can explore the role of faith in their own lives. This community is rooted in Jesus’ inclusive mission and is open to those on the margins, those excluded by the religious establishment, and those seeking the presence of God in their daily lives.

This is not a community that expects people to show up perfect, or healed or without problems; nor one that asks for problems to be hidden under the surface. Instead, this community invites us to bring our whole selves – broken, struggling, questioning, doubting, joyful, successful, secure, and everywhere in between – to a space and a community where we can be known, and know one another.