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Reimagining Jesus for a New World

Throughout his ministry, Jesus confronted those within the religious authorities who had power. There was one message that seemed quite clear each and every time he confronted them: you’re missing the point of that practice. He says this nearly explicitly in Matthew 23:1-12. Jesus also offers advice for how we […]

What are your core values?

We hope to create an inclusive, authentic and transformative collection of communities that foster connections to God, one another, Cleveland and Creation. Our core values are: Inclusive | Authentic | Transformative Inclusive: One of the main scriptural influences for inclusion are the interactions between Jesus and the Canaanite/Syrophoenician Woman (Matthew […]

What are you trying to do?

There is no progressive, inclusive, contemporary church in Cleveland – United Methodist or otherwise. We are seeking to fill that gap with experimental and experiential worship gatherings. We are focused on drawing together those interested in seeking inclusive, non-traditional worship experiences, as well as those in search of communities where […]

Why are we trying to do something new?

When I was 28, newly single, and new to Ohio City, I was looking for a church I couldn’t find. As a Cradle Methodist, I was seeking a place to be a part of something theologically progressive, welcoming, and nontraditional. I discovered I could get one or two, but not […]