Spiritual Gifts Survey

This is an online (unauthorized) version of David Ewart’s Spirit Given Gifts Survey

In the PDF of the Survey he offers this advice for making selections:

The best way to complete the questionnaire is to read each question and decide which of the four options applies to you:

  • Never/Rarely True: This statement does not apply to me; I almost never agree with it; it is almost never true of me.
  • Sometimes True: This statement sometimes applies to me; I sometimes agree with it; it is sometimes true of me.
  • Often True: This statement often applies to me; I often agree with it; it is often true of me.
  • Always/Frequently True: This statement does apply to me; I almost always agree with it; it is almost always true of me.

The survey results will give you scores for each of the 22 gifts David’s questionnaire explores. It is helpful to pay attention to both the highest and lowest scoring gifts. Read more about each of these gifts on Spirit Given Gifts.

1.I enjoy working in the background to support others who are leading and organizing.
2.I enjoy repairing or maintaining buildings and equipment; gardening etc.
3.I enjoy expressing my devotion to God through artistic means: writing, music, painting, drama, etc.
4.I instinctively “know where a person is coming from;” whether their motives are genuine or not.
5.I always see the good in people that others do not see at first.
6.I can easily say in my own words how my faith makes a difference in my everyday life.
7.I always trust that God is active in our lives even when I can’t see it.
8.I regularly give more than the Biblical amount of 10% of my income for God’s work.
9.I am drawn to those who are not well – in heart, mind, soul and/or body.
10.I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel at home.
11.I get upset by the many injustices I see in the way people are treated.
12.I love learning new things.
13.I am self-confident and able to state my core values. And I can easily help a group to clarify and stay focused on its vision, values and goals – even in the midst of heated conflict.
14.I enjoy the kind of relationships where we can talk openly about our spiritual life.
15.I find it fulfilling to do practical things that help relieve other people’s suffering.
16.I am drawn to meeting with others who don’t share my background; those from a different country or generation or social class, etc.
17.When planning for a project, I am able to see in advance all the steps that must be completed for it to be successful.
18.My day begins and ends with prayer.
19.I like doing practical, unskilled, odd jobs that need to be done.
20.I enjoy helping others learn.
21.I am often the first one to see possibilities for new programs or projects.
22.When a situation is complex or conflicted, I can often suggest a new perspective that leads to a resolution.
23.I would rather help a leader than being a leader myself.
24.I am willing to help with repairs and maintenance.
25.I have creative talents that I like to use.
26.I am good at seeing when Christian values and truths are being expressed.
27.I often tell others that if they will trust God, they can overcome any difficulties they face.
28.I am comfortable sharing my faith with others, and have helped others find new faith in Christ.
29.I trust that God will bring things to fruition no matter how impossible the situation.
30.I am so thankful for God’s many blessings that I give happily to support God’s work.
31.I have helped heal others through my prayers, touch, or other means.
32.I like meeting new people and introducing them to others.
33.I believe we need to work for social justice for all, not just meet individual needs.
34.I am interested in studying lots of different subjects.
35.I can remain calm and continue to listen when others are anxious or angry. I can stay focused on goals while caring about –but not reacting to – the emotions of others.
36.Although I don’t have all the answers, I can offer real support to others over the long-term.
37.When I see people hurting or in need, I will personally do something to help.
38.I have experienced – or would like to experience – how my faith can be shared in a different culture.
39.Once the idea has been set for a project or event, I enjoy making all the necessary arrangements for it.
40.I am, or would like to be, part of prayer group.
41.I like to help tidy up, count the offering, stuff envelopes, help with coffee, etc.
42.I enjoy leading adult study groups or working with children or youth groups.
43.I have dreams for the future of our church.
44.I am drawn to Christ’s life and teachings, and can apply them to present circumstances.
45.I am able to do detail work so leaders can focus on their main job.
46.I have craft, trade, technical or professional skills that I like to use.
47.Others have told me that something I created or performed really inspired them.
48.Contradictions between what people say or do and true Christian values stand out for me.
49.I have been able to help people find new directions for their lives.
50.I may not have all the answers, but I can help others trust in God’s abiding love.
51.I live by the motto: “God blesses God’s work done in God’s way.”
52.Even when money is tight, I give generously.
53.I have a strong sense of God’s presence when I am with those who are not well.
54.I like helping our church to be warm and welcoming to all.
55.The church needs to speak out – and act – on social issues.
56.I can gather information from many sources and see the connections among them.
57.I am committed to receiving and integrating constructive feedback about myself.
58.I can often tell when someone’s faith is in trouble and can help them find a fresh start.
59.I enjoy meeting and getting to know people who are disabled, poor, shut-in, ill, etc.
60.I enjoy experiencing and learning from other cultures: food, customs, language, etc.
61.I enjoy working with others to plan who will do what by when so that the job we are working on gets done effectively and happily.
62.I keep a prayer list, and pray regularly for others.
63.I enjoy doing small but necessary jobs.
64.Others have told me that their faith really grew from being part of a Sunday School, youth, or adult group I led.
65.I can see how the teachings of Jesus give direction to the church now.
66.Others have told me, I have helped them solve a complex problem by shedding new light on their situation.
67.67 I prefer to work behind the scenes, helping those who are out in front.
68.It bothers me when I see that buildings, equipment, technologies, etc. are in disrepair.
69.It is important to me that church is pleasing to the eye, ear and imagination.
70.I seem to have a built-in “truth detector” that shows me whether someone is genuine or not.
71.I often praise others.
72.I want to help others find the same joy that I have found through my faith in Christ.
73.I have experienced God’s faithfulness in surprising and powerful ways.
74.I give freely and without thought of reward.
75.Others have told me that I have brought them healing through Spirit-given means.
76.Making connections with strangers is something I really enjoy.
77.I am committed to working with others for a just and sustainable society.
78.I enjoy doing background research and organizing it in a helpful way.
79.Others have told me, when I am the leader they know they will enjoy working on a project.
80.I have gone through a lot of challenges myself, and have helped others find a way.
81.I couldn’t be a disciple of Christ without helping the disadvantaged.
82.I enjoy uncovering the assumptions of my own upbringing, and being with people different than me.
83.I can take responsibility for arranging the activities, people, and resources needed to accomplish a goal.
84.I have often seen how God has responded to my prayer requests.
85.I like to help by coming early – or staying late – to help with refreshments, etc.
86.Others have told me that I can clearly present information or ideas to groups.
87.I am always looking at the “big picture,” and can put it into concrete, practical terms.
88.It is easy for me to make practical applications of the truths found in the Bible.
89.I enjoy doing practical tasks so leaders can be freed up to better accomplish their ministries.
90.I enjoy using my skills with software, accounting, gardening, crafts, carpentry, etc.
91.I like finding novel, creative, and imaginative ways to express and explore my faith.
92.I know what Jesus means by, “I am the way, the truth and the life.”
93.I can help people discover how God has helped in the past and can be trusted to help now.
94.I like being with people; talking with them about life, and sharing my faith.
95.I rely on God no matter what.
96.If I knew it would help them, I could tell others about my experience of giving generously.
97.I have an intuitive sense when something is bothering someone.
98.Others often tell me I am very easy to be with; they have enjoyed meeting me.
99.To truly help those in need, I work to change what is causing the problem.
100.I am interested in researching different ideas about God and how we know what to believe.
101.I am committed to life-long spiritual growth and to deepening self-awareness of my emotional responses.
102.Faith is an adventure, and I enjoy sharing the journey with others, helping them to grow.
103.I am moved to help those in need in direct, practical ways.
104.I would like to share the Christian faith with those from different backgrounds and cultures.
105.I am good at details and enjoy working with others to plan things out in advance.
106.I pray daily for God to bless our church leaders, projects and programs.
107.Others have told me they can count on me to help with practical jobs that need to be done.
108.I love leading groups when others have one of those “Aha!” moments.
109.Others have told me they appreciate the way I have helped clarify our purpose.
110.I enjoy sorting through complex issues, discovering new insights that lead to fresh solutions.